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In addition to the mere translation of the documents, often our clients may need to certify the translation by a notary.
In many cases, notarization is required when you need to submit documents to the embassy or government agencies both in Ukraine and abroad.

Translation Company "MovaSvit" provides the following services:

Notarization of translation, documents issued in Ukraine
Notarization of translation of a document of foreign origin
Notarization of translation of the passport
Notarization of translation of the diploma
Notarization of translation of Statutes and other large documents
Notarization of a copy of the document
Certification of the company with the seal of the company 
Nevertheless, notarization of documents is not always required; sometimes the seal of translation company is enough.

The Seal of the translation agency affirms the correctness of the translation.

If you have any questions regarding notarization, we are always ready to help you.

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