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Taking into consideration the fact that nowadays, business fair/expo participation has become an important tool for the implementation of export strategy, a platform for showcasing products or demonstrating services for the majority of ambitious entrepreneurs and startuppers, as well as an excellent opportunity for the development of productive partnerships with foreign investors and colleagues, a team of professional translators who  attend international conferences, accompany clients during business fairs and expos on a regular basis has developed the innovative service package "Business Expo/Fair Expert support". Based on own  experience and knowledge of competent online databases, the team of Translation Company “MovaSvit” is the first LSC in the Ukrainian market to offer financially viable and meaningful support at all stages of preparation, organization, and participation in international business expos and fairs.

The new package includes the whole complex of services: search for a particular expo/ fair/conference in a business sector of interest, consultations and recommendations as to planning and  processing of all arrangements, translation of any relevant information, assistance in registration and submission of documents, organization of travel, transfer and accommodation, simultaneous interpreting services for the entire process including on-stand activities, as well as provision of practical working aids and checklists to familiarize with and meet the rules, regulations and procedures of the host country or organization or stick to the schedule.
"Business Expo/Fair Expert support" - is the answer to all questions (including to very specific ones: “What is the dress  code?” / “How can I exhibit at a trade fair/conference?”/ “What  will I do at the conference?”). We also ensure that clients “unpack” their overseas experience, as one of the most important things one can do is continue to learn from the experience acquired  abroad, implement it in work using all new contacts and opportunities.
Translation Company “MovaSvit” is aspired to become a practical and informative medium, as well as a reliable partner for Ukrainian export-oriented entrepreneurs and start-uppers in diverse business  sectors, helping companies to go global by visiting international trade fairs/ business expos, as well as to make sense of their experience abroad after return home and successfully integrate  their international experience in all facets of their professional lives.
About Translation Company “MovaSvit”
Translation Company "MovaSvit" is one of the fastest growing LSC in Ukraine. The team of TA “MovaSvit” is always looking for best solutions to respond to our clients’ needs, which is why our  experts are enthusiastic about the development of new integrated solutions.
Translation Company "MovaSvit" expertise is complex highly-specialized translation and localization into more than 40 languages. In addition, we provide a wide range of interpreting services and full package of language services for conferences and other business events.
As an active member of ELIA (European Language Industry Association), Translation Agency "ALBA" complies with all national and European standards of work and guarantees high quality, time  efficiency, adequate pricing and confidentiality of information.

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