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MovaSvit Translation Company is one of the companies ensuring that multilingual and cross-cultural communication is effective and appealing. In addition, we believe that being a successful company in the niche does not only require provision of high-quality and timely services, but also participation in global collaborative teamwork to advance strategic decisions and drive progress for the language industry as a whole. This is why the team of MovaSvit Translation Company loves and regularly attends professional international events of diverse formats in different parts of the world.

Last week, Director of MovaSvit Translation Company – Anna Pomieshkina - spent four tiring, but very inspirational days at GALA (the Globalization & Localization Association) Annual Conference in Amsterdam, where 470 attendees met up, laughed, learned and shared information, exchanged ideas, discussed best practices and common challenges, saw “old” friends & acquaintances and got to know new colleagues in the industry from 65 countries.

After MovaSvit TA team welcomed Anna back, our Director said that she really appreciated the open and friendly atmosphere, collaborative environment and enthusiastic people. She also treasured the opportunity to meet with the biggest names in the translation industry and to attend numerous workshops and presentations led by driven and most experienced professionals, as well as make new connections during “speed networking” sessions with translators, suppliers, LSP sales managers, CEOs, business owners and potential end-clients.

This year’s “Language for Business. Business for Language” program was especially interesting as covered multiple topics ranging from ISEO (SEO localization) to the latest CAT-tools and machine translation (MT) developments. The focus was primarily made on the fundamental principles, strategies, and technologies that make for successful, sustainable Language Service Company (LSC) growth in today’s global language industry.

Bearing MovaSvit Translation Agency’s goals for 2017 in mind, Anna particularly enjoyed events covering such topics as: * Advanced language technology/cloud-based systems/emergence of NMT - Neural Machine Translation (areas where NMT might have the most immediate impact for end-users); * In-house vs. Outsourced teams of language experts/localization specialists (LSP and MLV cooperation); * Agile project management & process automation; * Continuous delivery applied to localization.

As localization management consultant Alessandra Binazzi put it at the conference closing ceremony: “It’s important to continue to be current but also continue to innovate; to engage in the technology, not just to be reactive, but to be proactive.” That philosophy resonates with our own, because the team of MovaSvit Translation Company sticks to continuous education and improvement by staying on top with the latest developments and keeping up with the current industry trends.

GALA 2017 was definitely an investment with excellent returns. Our team is so inspired with great emotions, enriching experience and so many interesting ideas that we are currently working on applying this valuable knowledge to our business to make our clients even more satisfied with the services provided and enable us thrive in the new industry landscape.

And one of our first steps in doing so is joint with EBA Education Update “Think Globally, Act Locally: How Localization Can Boost Your Business” (May 19, 2017) at which our specialists will walk you through the work insights & challenges to successful localization, which can greatly boost your business on the global market. In our gallery/Facebook page you can see many photos from the conference: busy note-takers, innovative technology, the most interesting slides.

About GALA The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s most prominent global language industry trade association, with members spanning 65 countries and almost every continent.
Every year, GALA hosts a conference in a different world city, with the association’s principal goals in mind: building community within the industry, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, upholding standards, and advancing technology.

GALA 2017 in Amsterdam hosted around 450 participants from more than 40 countries, representing all manner of companies from small, single-language vendors, to mid-sized MLVs, to consultancies, research institutions, corporate buyers of language services, and software and technology developers.

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