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Do you still think that English is the most popular language in the world? This is a very common mistake these days. Of course, no one diminishes the importance of English as an international language of communication, but still, statistics shows that English is only in the third place in the chart of linguistic prevalence. 
Take a look at the table of the most widespread languages in the world in respect of the number of native speakers:
1. Chinese (1 billion 284 million)
2. Spanish (437 million)
3. English (372 million)
4. Arabic (295 million)
5. Hindi (260 million) 
6. Bengali (242 million)
7. Portuguese (219 million)
8. Russian (154 million)
9. Japanese (128 million)
10. Panjabi (119 million)
So, the Chinese language is the leader of the chart. There are almost a half billion people in the world who speak Chinese as a native language. Moreover, the number of those who want to learn this language is steadily growing. There are 13 different dialects of the Chinese language. They are very different, like for example French and Spanish. The Mandarin dialect is the most widespread. Chinese is one of the most ancient among the existing languages. It can be easily distinguished for having a specific graphic system (hieroglyphic writing) and abundance of pronunciation tones that can completely change the meaning of the word. That is why Chinese is incredibly difficult to learn by foreigners, and experienced and talented Chinese translators are as good as gold.
The Spanish language takes the second place, and although the number of speakers of this language is three times less than that of Chinese, the Spanish language makes a breakthrough regarding territorial prevalence: it is the state language in 18 countries on 3 continents. According to various estimates, more than half a billion people in the world speak the Spanish language, including those people for whom Spanish is the second language, and those who have studied it as a foreign language. Spanish is the most widespread language of the Romance group, leaving French and Italian behind.
As for the English language, it gets only the third place by the number of native speakers (about 400 million people). It is the official language in 58 sovereign countries on 5 continents. According to the research of South China Morning Post, English still takes the first place in the number of people studying it as a foreign language - almost 1.5 billion people, and the first place in the number of countries where this language is used for daily communication - 110 countries. The upper mentioned once again confirms the status of English as of international language.
Such linguistic layout dictates its trends in the study of languages and determines the need of getting high-quality translation service. Nowadays, borders between countries are blurred, and the necessity to build understanding with foreigners is becoming vital both for individuals and for business. Translation Company MovaSvit offers top-quality service of experienced translators of both widespread and rare languages. 
We hire only the most skilled and competent translators who mainly live and work in the target language community, as well as professional editors, technical writers, and designers who help to bring any translation to perfection. Our clients can order translation of documents with notarial certification for submission to authorities, as well as localization of the website or literary translation of a book. There are no impossible tasks for us!
Translation Company MovaSvit breaks language barriers and makes communication clear, enjoyable and accessible.

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