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Apostille -  is a special form of legalization of documents. Apostille is placed on official documents in a form of stamp and confirms their authenticity in member  countries of  Hague Convention (the Hague, 5 of October 1961)

Apostille can be only placed on documents, issued by official bodies:

We can apostille following documents, such as:

  • diplomas,   registrar's certificates, academic programmes,  school diplomas
  • police clearance certificate, municipal statement of residence, health certificate
  • documents, issued by Registry Office ( marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate etc.)
  • documents  settled by Notary public (statements,  power of attorney etc.)
  • Legal documents (registration certificates, power of attorney etc.)

Translation companyMovaSvit helps to put apostilles in one day! 

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Do you still think that English is the most popular language in the world? This is a very common mistake these days. Of course, no one diminishes the importance of English as an international language of communication, but still, statistics shows that English is only in the third place in the chart of linguistic prevalence. 

Historical background

It was no more than 15-20 years ago that Ukrainian engineers in design agencies and institutes used Whatman’s paper, graphite pencils and beam compasses to create drawings. It was a tedious and time-consuming process. Such minor details as sharpening a pencil, adjusting table light and proper storing of developed drawings constantly distracted specialist’s attention. In addition to this, manual designing was prone to error – inaccuracies in calculations or drawings. It is a so-called “human factor”.

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